Blue America

On Thursday(July 8), Kalamazoo professor, Berniecrat and environmental activist, Paul Clements, announced that he's going to seek the Democratic nomination for the southwest Michigan congressional seat that's been occupied by hereditary plutocrat Fred Upton since... wait for it-- 1986! This is a swing district Obama won (53-45%) in 2008 and lost narrowly (50-49%) to home-stater Mitt Romney in 2012 but which the DCCC never contests. Last cycle Clements managed to raise $1,151,980 to go up against the $2,497,208 Upton raised. The DCCC pretended to back Clements to keep grassroots activists off their backs but did not spend one dime on the race. Hillary couldn't have been a worse candidate for MI-06 and she dragged down the whole Democratic ticket as Trump beat her 51.3% to 42.9%. (Bernie had overwhelmingly won MI-06 in the primary. Here were the primary results in the 6 counties that make up the district (in order of size)